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    Real estate office - apartment

    AKAN REAL ESTATE works with professional and independent financial advisory firm specializing in credit and investment services, which in turn cooperates with many financial institutions, including banks, thus providing its customers with the best loan offer. It helps in selecting the right offer from mortgage loans to buy an apartment, house, for home refurbishment or construction as well as consolidation, refinancing and loaning. The offer of advisors cooperating with us also includes attractive cash loans. The professional company will support our Customers no matter what size of the loan the customer is interested in or what means the customer would like to invest. Within 24 hours the Customer will be contacted by our Credit Advisor who will answer all questions related to credit taking.

    Advisors cooperating with us:

    ➢ provide assistance in selecting the best credit offer, allowing the Customer to gain quickly the funding for the purchase of real estate;

    ➢ are familiar with most banks’ offer, according to individual Customer’s preferences;

    ➢ recommend the best solutions.

    You do not need to spend time gathering information from several banks. In one place You will obtain information about the possibility of taking out a loan in almost all banks in Poland.

    You save time, working only with one adviser who looks after You until the loan disbursement day.

    The financial advisor will provide assistance in filling out all documents, their completion and preparation of the loan application. The meeting is possible in a place convenient for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Can I sell the real property with unpaid loan?

    The sale of an apartment with the unpaid loan is possible. In such a situation in the preliminary agreement it must be stated which part of the buyer’s funds shall be transferred to the bank account associated with the loan.

    How long does the arrangement of credit by Financial Advisor cooperating with AKAN REAL ESTATE last?

    The time period of "credit arrangement" can be counted from the time of taking the decision to take it out, already at the first meeting, which lasts about an hour. The Financial Advisor will recommend to You the most advantageous offer, will show what documents should be filled out, will help in completing them and filling out the banking forms available on the site. After delivering the application to the bank, we should expect the making of the decision by the analyst. The credit applications go to the analysts designated by the bank, which greatly speeds up the decision-making process. The final decision comes in within the time period from one week to two weeks of filing the application. It is the maximum time, the decision is often obtained in a few days.

    How much is the credit advisory offered by us?

    If You use our assistance at taking out a loan, the Company cooperating with our Office will not charge You a fee for the service. The Company is remunerated by institutions with which it cooperates, i.e. the banks and investment funds. This means that you obtain free help.

    What does credit advisory involve?

    The company's specialists examine Your expectations, help to plan expenses, advise on choosing the loan, provide assistance in planning many steps You want to take in Your life, such as, buying an apartment, building a house, taking out a life insurance policy or investing Your savings.

    Why should I take a loan through you and not directly from the bank?

    The Financial Advisor is an expert who knows the market, has knowledge of all products offered by the banks. You as the Company's Customers use free assistance and expertise of the advisors, their arguments will accelerate the decision-making process and their knowledge will help you to choose the best bank.

    The Bank refused me the loan, can you help me?

    Yes. It often happens that the Customer who was refused the loan by one bank receives the credit in other bank without any problems. The advisors know perfectly the priorities that guide the banks across the country. Their task is to recommend to you this bank, which is inexpensive and at the same time allows for quick and easy signing of the loan agreement.