„Laborare nos delectat”

    Real estate office - modern living room

    We are looking for energetic, communicative, disposable, organized persons with at least secondary education for the position of a real estate agent and intermediary in real estate trading. We need people focused on development and self-fulfilment, who can responsibly carry out their tasks. Professional license and experience in the real estate industry is an asset. Persons doing their evening studies and middle-aged persons are very much welcome.

    The primary task of a real estate agent will be the customer service as an agent in the sale/renting and buying/renting a real property, create the customer base and the introduction of the signed orders into the computer database (internet, modular, integrated computer system supporting the work of the real property agency, which combines the advantages offered by web applications and friendly handling of window application by providing many useful, automated mechanisms, i.e. automatic matching of parties to the transaction, the automatic prompts, reminders, etc.), preparation of intermediation contracts and other documentation necessary to complete the transaction, presenting the real properties accepted for sale/renting, consulting the intermediation activities which were carried out with the licensed intermediaries and lawyers.

    If you are interested in cooperating with our agency, please send your CV and cover letter to the e-mail address: